To make changes in anything established. Especially by introducing some original thought, thing or action which seeks to improve the health, wealth, and happiness of People, Places, and Planet. 


Progress lies not in expanding What-Is, but in asking What-Could better than this?  



"Though there IS a higher and wider significance to Life, of what value is our EDUCATION-ECONOMY-HUMANITY

If We Never Discover it?"

paraphrased:  J. Krishnamurti, 1953


onstructive, Collaborative, Convergent

bservations to Optimize Opportunity

eflect and Reframe to Regenerate

ngage to Evolve Life Experience 

For Those Who Pioneer Life

Beyond The Hive Mind- We Salute You!

And invite you to take part in a social experiment to Re-Think, Re-Tool, and Re-Create Reality-with one essential difference in mind. . . YOU !

 Imagine you are making a movie except this time you get to be the writer, producer and director. And what you want, think and feel matters tremendously to the success of your film. But to be sure, you will have to leave the city of your comfort and go scouting for your perfect location in uncharted, unknown territory. What you discover there will be unexpected, unlike anything you ever thought, or thought to imagine before. The experiences you will have and the insights you will gain will seem to be other worldly. You will gain magical abilities to see the unseen, to get past the superficial noise and confusion of superficiality and zero in on the fundamental yet most critical, powerful part of any person, place, thing, thought, or entity. The tools you acquire on this expedition of discovery could change your whole story for the better and beyond anything you currently know or understand about how the nature of you, me and reality itself actually thrives.


Freedom From The Known


More than just a fashionable phrase, or a title to an Indian philosopher's book... It's a movement. Quite literally, physically, mentally, and spirtually you will move into a new Reality. One that you will create with all your faculties of perception, instinct of purpose, soul driven motivations, intentions, wants, needs, desires and scandalous gifts of evolutionary capacity locked and loaded -we will be moving out!


Out of the average, already known, ordinary and commonly expected, every day same as it ever was-Surbanity (def.) Rehearsing and repeating the same mindless meaningless routines day in and day out hoping something meaningful and different in life will happen to you. Yet never questioning the integrity of our certainties nor the validity of the omniscient authorities we carry around in our heads that cause us to hold Life in abeyance to produce outcomes, match appearances, and prove the correctness of manmade thoughts and things that matter nothing to us personally. Yet continues to get passed along to every subsequent generation, proceeding to navigate the days of our lives, striving to serve, manage and protect "What-is" rather than questioning is this really as good as it gets? Is this the best that I can be, or we can expect- To accept "what-is" given and function to get by and get through the best we can unencumbered and comfortably numb as if there is no other viable version of reality to strive for than this?

Unknowns and Opposites

You Probably didn't expect this, but we are gathered here today to talk about what you don't know.

We are the opposite "others" who thrive on teasing the novelty out of the norm, exploring the Unknown for what we can learn to grow our better capacities to pioneer Life beyond the boundaries of "What-Is" The Hive Mind commonly known as manmade Society. Designed and built by antiquated man to keep us workabees trapped and bewildered by the institutional ideologies we keep reinforcing to clean up the mess, fix problems, put out fires and pay back the global debt for the sins of man's ego. 

Ever feel like an outsider with a lot of questions about why everything that portends to be in your best interest, actually has an equal and opposite effect on the health, wealth, and well being of most people and places on the planet?

Are You Rogue Enough To Be A Core Creative?


We are seeking iconoclasts, flexible thinkers, questioners, creative tinkerers, rogue explorers, and Life activists who have learned from hard earned experience at the blunt end of stupid human behavior, and/or the dysfunctional institutional authorities and corporate economic priorities that built this city.... To question everything. Especially the 'norm' for it's integrity and validity to serve Life's higher values and humanity's wider sginificance to contribute to that which not only makes Life possible but regenerative. And dare I ask, inherently valuable and meaningful vs. simply functioning to exist day in and day out to raise the power, profit, and prestige of those who already have it. But use it to manipulate the rest of us to do their bidding-to have more with less accountability and effort to pay back the debt for the sins of man's ego running the world's resources with wild abandon, and unexamined authority to serve their own single minded interests, motivations and desires at whatever time in human history and geographic location they become self-aware.

Are you ready to unravel social conditioning, crack consciousness and let go of the baggage, constraints and grievances caused by this autopilot allegiance to defend at all costs to our health and better development, to manage and maintain with all our resources to prove that what we already know is the best we can do, correct and/or certain?


Our destiny is being driven by the limits and conditions(conditioning) of our beliefs, knowing and short term awareness. Rather than expanding on what millions of years of evolution has afforded us to open ourselves to learn from novel experience,  we collapse the wave of infinite possitibilties to rehearse and repeat what we already know to produce outcomes we've been adapted to expect. Round and round we go wondering why history repeats itself and we just can't seem to get off this merry go round cradle of man we are on to go exploring somewhere else altogether different. To discover, experiment, craft and create for ourselves what could be the epitome of our own nature and experience of Reality.


What will your movie called "Life" be about?

Here in this place we view success as perfecting our intellect to reveal the power and potential of the unknown. We make visible the invisible, bring awarenes to the unseen patterns that shapr our minds and thus our lives. We thrive to know and serve our soul, and to gain the skills we need to drive our own destiny, and chart the coarse of our movie towards happy endings no one has ever imagined before.


We see the beauty in the theme of life and humanity trapped beneath it's oppsite. Buried under the weight of stone cold facades of authority and delusions of certainty. We gather our hard earned gifts of life experience to drive up each other's awareness of innate value and surreal courage so they may carve deep with wisdom to liberate our Lives, elevate our Minds, and to know there is a difference between Life in reality, and manmade social conditioning.


And all those who gather will be strong and together we will evolve to do the great work which most of us have been called since birth. And one by one we will all get safely and securely to the other side of What-could Be" beyond the boundaries of The Hive Mind.

Welcome To The Core Zone!

Life is About Discovery-Everything Else Is Just Maintenance



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